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Different Ways To Recover Hotmail Account By Call Hotmail Support Number Australia

Microsoft has given us Hotmail an email platform which is not less than a boon in today’s life. It is on the top of the list of favorite email service providers. However, these services are sometimes obstructed due to a server error and you may lose the access to your Hotmail account. Users may not realize the importance of their electronic mail profile but you should remember one thing that it contains confidential information and if it gets discloses accidentally for any reason then, you are in big danger.

The user may forget the password as a user is having so many different accounts for a different purpose on various sites. In that case, you can’t login to Hotmail dashboard. Many times, it is a hacker who unsolicited access your account for the misuse. In that happens, the user needs to perform certain steps quickly that regain access to the profile before it gets too late.

What Do You Need To Do Now?

Don’t panic if such situation occurs your way. Simply visit Hotmail official website, where you enter the login details and use the Reset Password link to recover the secret keys. The user has to fill in some required details and answer a few security questions to verify the identity. After answering the question, you can set up a new password and confirm the same.

In Password reset link option you have to add an alternative e-mail Id which can be used to receive the link by which you can create new secret keys for your Hotmail profile.

If in case, you suspect that someone has hacked your account then better to go with “I think someone else is using my Microsoft Account” option. The user has to give the reason for suspecting unsolicited access then so that Microsoft can help you further to regain access to the account.

  • Use single-use code when you are typing the login details from a public computer to prevent any mishap.
  • Enable 2-step verification method to make your experience better with safety features.

Is there any other way to acquire help? Sometimes, all the techniques and troubleshooting steps could fail and if that happens, the user needs to contact Hotmail Account Recovery experts to resolve the same matter.