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How To Add/Delete Hotmail Account In Iphone?

As we know, Hotmail is one of the most operative sites used for sending and receiving email purpose, attachments and images. It is securing account among all. Many iPhone, Mac, Android, Windows, and PC users link their account with their device to save data and information. Many users did not add their id with their gadget, after losing their phone they are not able to retrieve their records. It provides the service like One Derive, Skype and much more. Connect account is the common appreciative features in coming generation through which they can save.

Many time you face the problem related to adding account or delete account from iPhone .It is the very easy to add or delete .you need have to follow some procedure which makes your phone reliable and safe. Otherwise you also can contact with Hotmail support for any query related to your issue.

Here are the some steps to add account in IOS;

  • Open your phone and select “setting” icon and click on it.
  • After scrolling some you can see “mails, contacts, calendar” option, click on it.
  • At the top most “Add an account” appear, press it.
  • Then select the categories of your id whether it may be your (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.)
  • Enter your id and password. Now you successfully add your account.
  • Add a second account, follow the same procedure.

Delete Hotmail Account in IOS:

  • Follow the same procedure.
  • After select “mails, contacts, calendar” option.
  • At bottom most of the screen, here is option of “Delete”.
  • After apply you can delete it.

The above following is sufficient to overcome with your problem. Still have several troubles then Contact Hotmail support for every query, answer and doubts relate to this issue. Team is well prepared for combating any issue or question and satisfy customer in proper approach or give better result.